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Prepare your car for selling. Clean & wash the car properly and make sure there is no food wrappers or anything in the car. Better to get it washed and even waxed from some good agency.

Car Documents. Make sure all the maintenance records, registration and warranties are available.

Decide the right Price. Do a research online and find your car value by comparing your car with the similar ads. Also check local dealers for price. Local dealers normally keep a margin of almost 20% of the actual value.

Take photos for the Car Selling Ad.Take as much photos as you can and show people the condition of each and every part. Don’t hide anything. Take pictures from all angles — dashboard, interior, exterior, engine and trunk.

Post the Ad. Be specific and write a very attractive title of the ad. In description, focus on each feature of your car. Be honest about cars pros & cons. This will attract people by winning their trust. Mention your working mobile number and email.

Meeting potential buyers. Dress up properly for a potential buyer. Make sure the car parking is clean. Feel free to show every part of your car to the potential buyers. Offer a test drive and don’t negotiate before test drive.

Closing the deal. Try to close the deal once you receive a good cash offer. Avoid other modes of payment. Make sure the proper documentation and hand over as per your country law.

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